Emma Burrows Emma Burrows

Polyglot backend software engineer with experience of Scala, Ruby and Node.js and a passion for development in an Agile environment. Great at server-side development with REST APIs and data crunching; less great with front-end design.

You can also find details of my recent career at LinkedIn.

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Profile image My GitHub repositories at @emma-burrows.

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Web sites

This is a list of websites I have contributed to, in reverse chronological order. All sites have some measure of HTML, JavaScript, and CSS3.

  • Covergirl
    This is one of a group of websites I worked on at Beamly.
    I worked on the underlying content pipeline based on Kafka Streams apps and Node services.
  • La Marelle
    French school for bilingual children in Dartford
    ASP.NET, C#, MySQL, XML, Blogger integration
  • Space:1999 Fiction Archive
    Interactive archive of stories based on the 1970s TV show "Space:1999".
    ASP, XML/XSLT and CSS. This site was created, appropriately enough, in 1999, and has not changed a great deal since.

Articles and Contributions


Courses completed at :



Other activities

Other websites I have contributed to or where I have public accounts.

  • Shepherd Moon
    "The Astelian Gift", a short story published in this anthology of Space:1999 stories.